Good Records Helps Ensure Good Care for your Horses

Your horses do so much and are there for you - all the time every day. Your horse depends on you for the essentials to remain healthy and strong. Whether your horses are involved in competitions or just as companions for trail riding, keeping track of their treatments, pictures and more is key to long-term success.

This is where EquineMax fits in. With horse owners worldwide depending on the stability and easy to use design of the EquineMax equine software and providing feedback on the software and their suggestions, we've learned what information is important to horse owners.

Go right to the free 30-day trial version. Enter your own horse records to see how it works.

Whether you are new to computer or consider yourself an expert at technology, we know you'll EquineMax is the most user-friendly and complete software for horse owners everywhere.

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How EquineMax is Different

With EquineMax, you can be sure of a complete software program for your horse record needs:

  1. Simple to set up and use - (just like working with documents or spreadsheets).
  2. Fast access to your horse's records.
  3. Records as basic or advanced as you need
  4. Editions for your level of record keeping and number of horses. Review the editions?
  5. Flat one-time purchase price - no yearly or support fees
  6. Responsive customer support to help you

Wondering why else you should choose EquineMax?

Who is using EquineMax?

Horse owners worldwide use EquineMax for their horse record keeping needs. From people with just 1 or 2 horses to those who participate in competitions to those who offer equine services, EquineMax is the easy to use solution for your record keeping needs. Would you like to learn how EquineMax works for them?

More About EquineMax

Here are resources that other horse owners used to determine if EquineMax was a fit for them:

  1. Compare features of each edition
  2. Learn the details about the Pleasure Horse edition, the Performance Horse Edition, or the Small Business edition
  3. View areas of EquineMax to see how easy and complete it is
  4. Understand our promise of EquineMax being a fit for you with our 60-day guarantee.
  5. Download or request a CD of the free 30-day trial version so that you can take time to see how EquineMax can help you stay better organized. No obligation, no credit card needed, or need to return anything.

Have questions for us? Feel free to call or email - we are here to help you.

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Pleasure Horse Edition

  • - Horse inventory records
  • - Unlimited notes and pictures
  • - Pedigree information
  • - Flexible reports

Learn about the Pleasure Horse Edition

Performance Horse Edition

  • - All features of Pleasure Horse Edition
  • - Complete training log details
  • - Over 12 customized disciplines
  • - Mare breeding history

Learn about the Performance Horse Edition

Small Business Edition

  • - All features of Performance Horse Edition
  • - Track client charges
  • - Generate invoices
  • - Print sale catalogs

Learn about Small Business Edition


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